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Cal's startup ecosystem is a microcosm of Silicon Valley. We at BearX took a deep dive into startups, founders, and events happening on BearX, Cal's entrepreneurship and innovation portal, to find out what problems Berkeley entrepreneurs are chasing next, and where we're headed as a community.

State of Startups is a summary of the big ideas, big milestones, and big trends for startups at Cal in 2019.

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Part 1


Over companies use BearX to find investors, developers, cofounders, interns, mentors, advisors, and partners.


The average startup at Cal has between 3 and 7 team members.


Cal founders are most interested in solving problems in...

Cal startups are heavily focused on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and solving problems in healthcare through technology developed here at UC Berkeley.


Most technology startups at Cal are venture-backed, and UC Berkeley is a key location for Silicon Valley's top VCs and angel investors.


Companies on BearX have collectively raised $ in the last few years.

have funding

The majority of Cal startups on BearX are actively looking for investors. These companies find funding from a range of sources, from angel investors to national research and business grants to prominent VC firms.

We see companies on BearX with anything from just an idea to post-series-B startups rapidly growing and expanding.

product-market incubate entrepreneurship social impact sprint
pivot experiment iterate accelerate kick-start fundraising x
design thinking innovate build pre-seed venture capital experimentation

Startup accelerators drive Cal's entrepreneurship ecosystem. In 2019, out of every companies on BearX are in an accelerator.

Part 2


Over Berkeley students, founders, alumni, faculty, and mentors use BearX to find jobs, discover opportunities, and connect within the community.


Since 2018, job postings have been created and shared on BearX – that's nearly one for every company.

Software developers are the most wanted talent for Cal startups, with of all job openings related to

But we're also seeing high demand for .

BearX is a popular place for startups to recruit interns and find cofounders for equity, but % of all job openings on Bearx are paid positions, or positions with both pay and equity compensation.

paid positions

Cal is known for an incredibly active student entrepreneur community, and a large majority of companies on BearX, including BearX itself, are founded by undergraduate and graduate students at UC Berkeley.